sackrace [Desktop Resolution]Physical Education
Recognizing that physical activity is beneficial to both body and mind, Genesis School has instituted a program of regular physical activity for its elementary students. Kindergarten through Fifth Grade receive forty-five minutes of instructed physical activity once a week. Students participate in athletic activities designed to develop gross motor skills and coordination while fostering cooperation and good sportsmanship.
A variety of activities, games, and visual aids are used by the instructor throughout the year. Team sports such as kickball, basketball, soccer, and recreational games are used to accomplish the goals of the program. Each student is expected to participate and encourage each other. Students are not evaluated on the basis of physical activity. An attitude of respect toward the students is maintained at all times, and is expected from the students as well. Team sports are used to develop gross motor skills, and encourage cooperation amongst the players. Individual sports such as tennis are taught to develop skills and player confidence.
The students also take part in the Annual Genesis School Olympics held every spring, and participate in the President’s Physical Fitness Test.

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