Mission Statement

The mission of Genesis School shall be to instill in each student a lifelong love of learning while providing a strong foundation for further education in a safe and nurturing environment.


Statement of Philosophy


The Philosophy of Genesis School shall be:


  1. that each child is an individual with particular capabilities and needs,


  1. that the primary responsibility of a school is to teach and develop basic academic skills that will give the child an excellent foundation of fundamental knowledge on which to build his or her educational experience, and


  1. that careful attention must be given to the development of each child in physical social and aesthetic areas as well as in these basic academic skills.


Statement of  Purpose

The Purpose of Genesis School shall be:


  1. to provide each child with a challenging curriculum which will allow him or her to progress academically, physically, and socially in accordance with the philosophy,


  1. to maintain a small pupil-teacher ratio,


  1. to allow for the development of creativity by providing a variety of experiences in the areas of art, music, and drama,


  1. to provide an atmosphere conducive to the accomplishments of these purposes, and


  1. to provide a staff of highly qualified instructors who are dedicated to our mission and philosophy.



Consideration of applicants is given equally regardless of race, gender, creed, and national or ethnic origin.